Audio Submission Tool FAQ

You can use the audio submission tool to receive audio measures for audio files.

What is the Audio Submission Tool used for?

The Submission Tool is for submitting audio content for Lexile® audio measures. To submit for measurement, you must provide:
  1. Metadata about the content you want to be measured.
  2. Audio files associated with the metadata provided.

After completing these steps, you will receive a report from MetaMetrics® via email containing your measures.

Note: To utilize this tool, you must sign a measurement agreement with Metametrics.

What file formats are supported for audio measurement?

The Submission Tool accepts .wav or .mp3 for audio measurement. If your audio files are in a different format than .wav or .mp3, you will need to convert them before submission.

What is the difference between audiobooks and selections?

Audiobooks are audio content that has an associated ISBN. If your audio content does not have an ISBN associated with it, you should select selections as your content type.

Where can I see my previously measured submissions?

You can access your history within the tool and see all previously measured submissions from your organization. For more information, see View and Download Audio Submission Tool History.

I am interested in getting my audio content measured. What's the first step?

Contact us using this form and select Listening as your Area of Interest.