About Forecasting API

The Forecasting product is used to forecast an individual student or group performance on an upcoming assessment. To accomplish this, MetaMetrics Forecasting machinery uses a proprietary growth model, as well as prior information about a student or group of students and information about an examination to be taken in the future.

This Forecasting Web Service provides the forecasting machinery as a web service with a well documented API and standard XML-RPC interface. As a web service, system integration demands are minimized by instead relying on service-oriented architecture.

This documentation will explain how to communicate with and use the Forecasting web service. API documentation as well as example client code is provided to assist you in integrating the service into your application.

Note: The Forecasting web service is made available as a cloud computing service oriented offering. No installation is necessary, however, a small amount of integration may be needed to implement an XML-RPC library to correctly form requests and handle responses.