Lexile Text Measures and Lexile Student Measures

A Lexile student or learner measure is a measure of an individual’s reading ability. A Lexile text measure is a measure of the complexity for a book or piece of text. A Lexile text measure only offers information about complexity according to predictive features in the text, not the reading ability of a student. To determine student reading ability, a Lexile enabled assessment must be administered. Lexile text measures can not be used to determine the reading abilities of students.

Certified Lexile Measures and The Lexile Text Analyzer

If a user measures published text in the Text Analyzer, the measure generated will not be a certified Lexile measure. Only trained MetaMetrics' staff can certify a Lexile measure. If the published text has a certified Lexile measure, the measure generated from the Text Analyzer may be different. Modifications to content, such as sentence combining or removing can impact the Lexile measure. While modifications usually do not cause significant differences, there have been instances of significant impacts from what was perceived as a minor change.

Lexile Measures for English and Spanish Text

Lexile text measures for Spanish and English text are not interchangeable. One has no bearing on the other. The two scales (English and Spanish) are independent.

Authorized Use of Lexile Measures

The Text Analyzer is a tool to gauge the text complexity of reading materials. The Lexile measures produced by your use of the Text Analyzer are not certified by MetaMetrics (developer of Lexile Framework) and should not be publicly shared. Lexile measures produced by your use of the Text Analyzer are not for commercial use or personal gain. Contact MetaMetrics for information about the Lexile measure certification process.

Targeting Content Development at Specific Levels

It is important to acknowledge that the Text Analyzer is not authoring software. For example, spelling and grammar verification are not provided. The Text Analyzer is a tool that provides a scientifically backed measure of text complexity and additional quantitative measures that reflect a text’s composition. As one author’s purpose differs from the next, the Lexile Text Analyzer does not make recommendations for adjusting text.

Minimum Amount of Text for Measurement

The Text Analyzer will produce undesirable measures for texts shorter than two complete sentences. Only measure texts with two or more complete sentences.

File Retention

The Lexile Text Analyzer Spanish does not retain a user’s measured text. It is incumbent upon the user to save their text files especially when revisions occur within the tool.