Lexile® Framework for Listening

The Lexile Framework for Listening is a scientific approach that places both students and listening resources on the same developmental scale. Through this approach, educators can evaluate if the level of audio material is appropriate for a given student and ensure that students are matched with material that facilitates the optimal growth in students’ listening ability.

The Lexile Audio Analyzer evaluates acoustics and content of audio material to deliver a Lexile measure. Vocabulary, grammar, word sounds and delivery are the indicators that the Analyzer evaluates. For more information see Lexile® Framework for Listening Measures.

The goals of the framework are to:
  • Expand the universal Lexile scale to include listening comprehension. Allow other listening tests to link to the Lexile scale.
  • Recommend optimal audio materials for students’ listening skills, so that they are engaged and challenged, but not frustrated.
  • Compare student Reading and Listening skills on the same Lexile scale.

MetaMetrics has developed a bank of calibrated test questions can be used for developing custom tests and linking to existing tests.