Migrating from Scoring Service XML-RPC to REST API

In December of 2020 MetaMetrics released a new REST-based Scoring Service API. These help topics are designed to help existing customers who use the Scoring Service XML-RPC API to migrate to REST.

If you're looking for documentation specific to each API instead of a migration document, use these links:

Both APIs serve the same purpose and functionality; to assign measures to test takers with or without prior performance information. Migrating to REST improves security, is more consistent with industry standards, provides more comprehensive documentation, helps with support, and is simpler and more efficient for your technical staff to use.

There are a few steps to migration:
  1. Set up authentication. REST uses different credentials and a different authentication method than XML-RPC.
  2. Use this table to identify which REST calls map to the calls you currently use.
  3. Rewrite the code for each call so it uses proper REST parameters and formatting.