Lexile Text Analyzer FAQ

The Lexile Text Analyzer® is designed to evaluate the reading demand or complexity of a text.

What are the differences in versions of the Lexile Text Analyzer?

Lexile Text Analyzer Professional

If you are an education company with more significant needs or more extended texts, the Professional Lexile Analyzer might be the tool you are looking for. The Professional Lexile Analyzer produces a Lexile measure for internal development purposes. This web-based tool measures the complexity of the text by breaking down the entire piece and studying its syntactic and semantic characteristics, such as sentence length and word frequency. There is no word limit restrictions for measuring text with the Professional Lexile Analyzer.

The outcome is the text complexity, expressed as a Lexile measure, word count, mean sentence length, and mean log frequency. It also offers early-reading indicator descriptors (for texts with Lexile measures that are 650L and below), as well as a Lexile history log of each measured text.

Lexile Text Analyzer Editor Assistant

The Lexile Analyzer Editor Assistant is also available on a paid subscription basis. This product is ideal for content developers or companies producing content at specific reading levels. In addition to the features of the Professional Analyzer, the Lexile Analyzer Editor Assistant also offers:
  • A document management system that facilitates file sharing and category tagging between users. This allows collaboration and editorial reviews with colleagues.
  • Editing history.
  • Search capabilities.
  • Key information on text features could present more or less of a challenge in early-reading content.

Lexile Text Analyzer API

The Lexile Text Analyzer API is a utility for calculating the Lexile measure of a piece of professionally authored text. The Lexile Text Analyzer API provides this functionality as a web service that can be accessed via the internet using a convenient API. No hardware, software, installation, or ongoing management is required. This service minimizes intrusive system integration by instead relying on service-oriented architecture.

Do I need to modify my text before using the Lexile Text Analyzer?

Our editing guidelines must be followed for the best estimate of text complexity. These guidelines can be accessed here.

What languages can I receive Lexile measures for?

The Lexile Text Analyzer currently supports English and Spanish content. For Spanish, the Lexile Text Analyzer uses the El Sistema Lexile para Leer, the Spanish-language version of the Lexile Framework for Reading, to measure Spanish-language text submissions. See El Sistema Lexile para Leer for more information.

Are there any word count limitations for the Lexile Text Analyzer?

All licensed versions of the Lexile Text Analyzer impose no word limitations.