About Lexile Titles Database API

The API is a simple REST interface. Contained in the GET request will be the fields that you want to filter on. The response you will receive will be in JSON format.

You'll use the same API to download the entire Titles database or to search only for Harry Potter books. You will simply utilize different filters for each use case. What does this mean? When performing a download of the entire collection of records, you will not be filtering by things like ISBN, word count, or number of pages. However, these same fields would be useful when searching for specific books.

Using the API to retrieve Titles information is a replacement for the old Titles download that used to exist on the Lexile.com website.

There are many advantages the API has over the legacy Titles download. Two of the most notable advantages are:

  • You can retrieve only books that have been updated since your last retrieval process.
  • You can retrieve a subset of the Titles database by using the available filters.

Generally speaking you should pull the books that have been updated since your last retrieval of titles.