Account Management

Use Account Management to manage your organization's account, create users, and edit users for the MetaMetrics Partner Portal. You must have Certification Credits in order to access the MetaMetrics Partner Portal. For more information, see Credits.

  • Email - The email address associated with the user's account.
  • First Name - The user's first name.
  • Last Name - The user's last name.
  • Roles - The user's role in the MetaMetrics Partner Portal.
  • Active - indicates whether the account is active or inactive.
  • Actions - Indicates whether you can edit the account. Clicking opens Edit User.
  • Last Login - The date and time the user last logged in to the MetaMetrics Partner Portal.
  • Content Creator Usage - The number of times an organization has used the analyzer feature.
  • Credits - The number of times your organization has used the instant certification feature. Not all organizations have the instant certification feature. More about credits here.