What are you submitting today?

You can submit text files and audio files for measurement on Content Submission.

To measure text files, select only one of the following:
  • Reading Comprehension to receive a Lexile Text Measure.
  • Decodables to receive a Lexile Text Measure and a Decodability Analysis.
  • Spanish to receive a Spanish Lexile Text Measure.
  • Oral Reading to receive a Lexile Oral Readability Measure.
  • Quantile to receive a Quantile Measure.
To measure audio files, select:
  • Listening to receive a Lexile Audio Measure.

After making your selection, click Continue.

See About MetaMetrics' Frameworks to learn more about how MetaMetrics offers a scientific approach to measuring both student ability and the complexity of learning materials on the same scale.

You will need Certification Credits to certify your content. Contact your organization's administrator if you need additional credits.