Forecasting Response Codes

Code Description Example
200 The request was successful.
  "ability": 100.6054795,
  "uncertainty": 283.0613608,
  "probabilities": [
  "apiVersion": "62f936c8-1.1.0",
  "framework": "quantile"
400 The request wasn't successful due to invalid input, a misspelled parameter, or a missing required parameter.
  "message": "Invalid input.",
  "exceptionType": "ValidationError",
  "additionalInfo": "Check validation errors for specifics.",
  "validationErrors": {
    "cutLevels": [
      "This list may not be empty."
    "testUncertainty": [
      "A valid number is required."
401 We weren't able to authenticate your credentials. The access token is incorrect or missing.
  "message": "Authentication with credentials failed",
  "exceptionType": "NotAuthenticated",
  "additionalInfo": "Authentication with credentials failed"
403 You can't perform this action. doesn't have access to this feature.
  "message": "You do not have permission to perform this action.",
  "exceptionType": "PermissionDenied",
  "additionalInfo": "You don't have access to this resource."
503 The service is unavailable.
  "message": "Service temporarily unavailable, try again later",
  "exceptionType": "APIException",
  "additionalInfo": "Error when calling remote service"