Quantile Sequencing Service FAQ

The Quantile® Sequencing Service provides content developers and digital learning companies research-driven information that can aid in directing users to appropriate resources in the developer’s content in order to learn a particular skill or concept.

What is the Quantile Sequencing Service?

Matching students’ differing abilities to the right place in your content is challenging for educators. The Quantile Sequencing Service connects the dots between where students are and where they need to be in your math content.

How was the Quantile Sequencing Service developed?

Subject matter experts organized the Quantile Skills and Concepts (QSCs) into sequences of skills and concepts ordering from most mathematically demanding to least mathematically demanding. To create these sequences, the Knowledge Cluster organization of the QSCs was leveraged to develop a chain or sequence of the prerequisite skills that support the learning of the most mathematically demanding QSC in each sequence.

What is the Quantile Sequencing Service used for?

The Quantile Sequencing Service allows content developers and digital learning companies to direct teachers to exactly where a student needs to begin in your content to learn a particular skill or concept.

How does the Quantile Sequencing Service work?

You decide how to determine a Quantile measure for students – either reported from your product or licensed from MetaMetrics® using an outside assessment. First, you supply us with your math content. Then, we calibrate the math skills and concepts addressed in your content to the Quantile Framework for Mathematics. After that, we sequence these skills and concepts in your content with the associated Quantile measures of the Quantile Framework’s vertical alignment.

What does the output of the Quantile Sequencing Service look like?

You receive a report that shows how your content’s Quantile measures sequence across grade levels. You can then use this report to determine the best way to personalize learning in your content for students with deferring Quantile measures.