About Ways to Get Measurements

Whether you want to measure a piece of text or evaluate a student's reading performance, MetaMetrics has a tool, product, or service you can use to get the measurements you need. If you're not a current customer and want more information about how to get started with MetaMetrics measurements, contact us for more information.

Get Lexile Text Measures

Over 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile text measures. When you use Lexile measures for your company’s reading materials, products and assessments, you’re including more than just a number. You’re adding insights and scientific validity. You can also help educators easily find differentiated materials to power personalized learning. At the same time, you will be joining a movement to bring meaning to measurement.

With MetaMetrics you can:

For more information about measures see Lexile Framework for Reading.

Get Oral Reading Measures

The Lexile Framework for Oral Reading measures both students' oral reading ability and the oral reading difficulty for text (oral readability) to offer precise measurements of students’ abilities. You can use our Lexile Oral Reading API to submit both text and student performances for measurement.

Get Quantile Measures

MetaMetrics provides consulting and development services for Reporting Quantile Student Measures for Students and Materials for your mathematics materials. When a Quantile student measure matches a Quantile skill and concept measure, teachers can quickly and easily find “just right” resources that fit the student’s needs. Incorporate Quantile measures into math materials such as textbook lessons, instructional materials, lesson plans and web games.

For more information about working with MetaMetrics on Quantile measurements check out our Quantile Consulting & Development Services flyer.