Recommendations and Guidelines for Submitting Oral Reading Recordings

Student Recording Best Practices

  • Record in a quiet area, preferably with no other students in the room.

  • If multiple people are in the recording room, use a barrier or booth-like space for the recording area, preferably located in a corner far from other students.

  • When recording in a classroom setting, a distance of ten feet between students is recommended during testing, with an absolute minimum of six feet.

  • Encourage students to speak clearly and and loudly enough for the recorder to accurately capture their oral reading.

Microphone and Headset Recommendations

  • Place the microphone no closer than 3 inches from the student’s mouth.

  • Use an adjustable plastic boom microphone or lavalier (clip-on) microphone, if possible.

  • Use over-the-ear style headphones (not earbuds).

  • Do not use in-line volume control or a mute button.