You'll need to add credits to receive Certified Lexile and Quantile measures for your content. Contact your administrator if you need to add more credits.

Selections Credits
Selections (article, short story, oral reading passage) 1
Books Credits
Book (tradebook, e-book, leveled reader) 2
Book Reissues 2
Additional ISBNs (previously submitted manuscript) 1
Additional Non-Standard Tradebook Fee 2
Graphic Novel (Text Only Manuscript) 2
Graphic Novel (Without Text Only Manuscript) 9
Textbooks Credits
Textbook PK-5 per grade 20
Textbook 6-Post Secondary per grade 50
Quantile Measurement Credits
Grade Level Textbook (Lesson Calibration) 40
Grade Level Text over 80 lesson addition cost per lesson 1
Revised Textbook (revised since Previous measure) 10
Test Passage Credits
Per Passage 1