Get Targeted Words by ISBN


Use this call to get a list of vocab words from a book that are close to the measure of the book. The words will be within a range that is 50L below and 100L above the book's Lexile measure. To select a book you will pass the ISBN for the book as text, not as an integer.

You can use options to customize the list of returned words.


Parameter Type Description


The ISBN for the text you want to extract vocabulary words from. The ISBN must be passed as a string, not as an integer.



The options argument is optional. If provided it can contain the following:
  • target_range: (Array) The Lexile range (inclusive) from which vocabulary words will be targeted. If not provided, the target_range will be determined by the Lexile measure of the text.
  • stop_list: (Array) A list of strings that will be used as a stop list when creating vocabulary words. Words included in the stop_list will not be considered for vocabulary words. If not provided, then a built-in list of vocabulary words will be used. If no filtering is desired then an empty list should be given.
  • stop_list_id: (Int) The ID of the user's saved stop list. The words included in the stop list will not be considered for the vocabulary words. This is like the stop_list option above, but instead of passing in a list of words the words are gotten from the list of saved words.
  • max_word_count: (Int) This changes the number of words that will be returned. The default is to return a list of 10 words. Enter 0 to return every possible word. Words on the stop list will not be returned, and only one word per word family will be returned.


This returns a list of targeted vocabulary words from the book. By default, 10 words are returned unless you have set a different max_word_count.


This is an example of how to make the call using Java.
import xmlrpclib
rpc = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('')
vocab_words = pv.vocab.get_targeted_words_isbn('9780140435313')