Get Serial


Each time a resource is created or modified, a serial on that type of resource is incremented and assigned to the modified resource. This resource is the value of the latest serial for every type of SequencedResource.




You can use these parameters in your request.

Parameter Type Description
serial Integer Serial Number this Resource was last modified on You can use the following filters with this parameter:
  • gt (greater than)
resource_uri String The resource url for accessing this resource directly
id Integer Identifier
name String Category name


The response can return any of the book parameters defined in Get Books and in the parameters table above. It will also return the following metadata.
{"meta":{"limit": 20, "next": null, "offset": 0, "previous": null, "total_count": 1}
Parameter Description
limit By default only 20 objects are sent back in each response. You can increase or decrease this limit by supplying a limit filter on your query.
next The url for you to fetch the next set of results in your query. This url will not be a fully qualified url but instead relative to the base url we discussed earlier. If the value is none there is not another set of results and you have reached the last "page".
offset The number of records you are offsetting this result by. For example if you had a limit of 20 and there were 100 total records. If you had an offset of 60 that would mean you are looking at records 61-80.
previous Same as next but refers to the previous set of results. If this is null there are no previous sets available.
total_count The total number of results in the query. For example if you had a query that generated 100 results this number would be 100.