Lexile Content Measurement

The Lexile® scale is the most widely used reading measure in the world, with more than 35 million students in all 50 states receiving Lexile measures. More than 100 million articles, books and websites have Lexile measures. Additionally, a growing number of math programs and state assessments report Quantile measures.

Adding measures to your texts is a valuable feature for marketing your resources to educators and parents who use Lexile measures. The process for getting a certified Lexile measure is simple:
  1. Sign an agreement with MetaMetrics.
  2. Complete a submission form that contains the metadata for the content you're submitting.
  3. Send the submission form and content to MetaMetrics.
  4. Receive your measurements within 25 business days.

After you receive your measurements you can publish them using the reporting guidelines outlined in Reporting Lexile Reading Measures and Reporting Quantile Student Measures for Students and Materials.

Contact us for more information about signing an agreement to get measurements.