Submit Text to Content Measurement

After you have signed an agreement you can send your files to MetaMetrics to receive official measurements for your materials. These measures can be published using the reporting guidelines outlined in Reporting Lexile Reading Measures and Reporting Quantile Student Measures for Students and Materials.

  1. Prepare your submission form.

    The submission form should have a unique entry for each text you want analyzed. This includes: Title, Author, Publisher, Copyright, ISBN 10/13, Page Count, Age/Grade Range, F/NF, Series, binding info (if applicable), language and any additional authors or “retold by” authors. Rows that have a red background are required fields.

    Download the submission form.

  2. Gather content you want to submit and make sure it is in the proper format.

    You can submit PDF, Word, RTF, or TXT files. The preferred file format is a low resolution PDF file. For Word, RTF, and TXT files an image file or hard copy must be provided. The text provided must be in the original, final format.

    If you have more than 5 files to submit, add them to a zip file for an easier upload.

  3. If you are a Subscription partner, please see the submission process. For all others, please use our secure file delivery service to submit your files. It can be accessed here:

    FileMover is a self-service portal for transferring files securely. You'll use FileMover to send your submission form and content to MetaMetrics. An account or login/password is not needed to use this service.

  4. Click the Drop-off button.
  5. On the following page:
    1. Fill in Your name, Your organization, and Your email address.
    2. Click the I'm not a robot box.
    3. Click the Send confirmation button.
    This sends an email to you. You can use a link in the email to send your files securely to MetaMetrics.
  6. Open the email from FileMover and click on the link in the email.
    A new browser window will open.
  7. In the new browser window:
    1. Click the + (plus) symbol in the To field to open the Add Recipients window.
    2. Enter in the Email field then click X to close the Add Recipients window.
    3. Click the Browse button.
    4. Find and select your submission form then click the Open button.
    5. Click the next Browse button.
    6. Find and select your text file then click the Open button.
    7. Repeat these steps until you have added all of the files you want measured.
    8. Click the Drop-off Files button.
      A confirmation page appears in your browser. You'll receive an email confirmation when your files have been picked up. Within 25 days you'll receive an email from MetaMetrics with your measurement report and an invoice for services.
    9. Other acceptable ways of submitting content include Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc. Please let us know how you would like to submit your files.