API Calls


This API requires authentication! Please supply your credentials (email address and authentication token) alongside every API request using HTTP Basic Authentication. Your authentication token is provided by MetaMetrics in your onboarding welcome letter.

Base URL



The following parameters may be passed to the API to filter the results returned. Parameters marked as 'required' must be provided. Passing multiple parameters is supported, and only records matching all of the given parameters will be returned.

Parameter Type Required Description
SOCCode String No Standard Occupational Classification from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
CareerName String No (allows partial) Career Name from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Cluster Integer No (allows ranges) Many schools and state agencies group careers into clusters
NumberofYearsofEducation Integer No (allows ranges) Minimum number of years of education required to enter a given career
BrightOutlookCareer Boolean No Occupations which are expected to grow rapidly in the next several years according to O*Net
MedianLexileMeasure String No Median Lexile demand for reading
LexileLowerQuartile String No Lower Lexile demand for reading
LexileUpperQuartile String No Upper Lexile demand for reading
HighestMathCourseRequired String No Highest math course required to enter the given career
MedianQuantileMeasure String No Median Quantile demand for math
QuantileLowerQuartile String No Lower Quantile demand for math
QuantileUpperQuartile String No Upper Quantile demand for math


The response will be an array of records, each of which will have the fields in the table below. Fields may be empty. We support the following data types in our various Simple REST APIs:

  • string A UTF-8 string, supporting the full unicode character set. API clients may search on partial inputs.
  • integer A signed 64-bit integer.
  • double A signed floating point number of up to 65 digits in length (including integer and fractional parts).
  • boolean A simple true/false boolean value. May also be expressed as 1 (true) or 0 (false).
  • datetime An ISO 8601 formatted date with accompanying time component. All dates are internally stored in UTC.
Field Type Description
SOCCode String -
CareerName String -
Cluster Integer -
NumberofYearsofEducation Integer -
BrightOutlookCareer Boolean -
MedianLexileMeasure String -
LexileLowerQuartile String -
LexileUpperQuartile String -
HighestMathCourseRequired String -
MedianQuantileMeasure String -
QuantileLowerQuartile String -
QuantileUpperQuartile String -

Code Examples

Sample code for interacting with the API is provided below. JSON output is the default, but you may also choose XML by suffixing the endpoint with .xml.

cURL example

$ curl -u
[ {
"SOCCode" : "string",
"CareerName" : "string",
"Cluster" : 1234,
"NumberofYearsofEducation" : 1234,
"BrightOutlookCareer" : true,
"MedianLexileMeasure" : "string",
"LexileLowerQuartile" : "string",
"LexileUpperQuartile" : "string",
"HighestMathCourseRequired" : "string",
"MedianQuantileMeasure" : "string",
"QuantileLowerQuartile" : "string",
"QuantileUpperQuartile" : "string"
} ]

Javascript example

let username = "user@emailaddress.com"
let token = "321bbcc9-d123-42e2-8675-1111aaaa2222"
fetch("https://sheetlabs.com/SRA/careerdata" , {
method: 'GET',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'Authorization': 'Basic ' + base64.encode(username + ":" +
.then(response => {
if (response.status === 200) {
return response.json();
} else {
throw new Error('Something went wrong');
.then(data => console.log(data))
.catch((error) => {