Career Database Glossary

The Career Database provides information about the reading and mathematical demands of a career as well as additional information that might be useful for determining career interests and readiness. This table describes all of the types of information contained in the database.

Measure Description
SOC Code The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system used by federal agencies to classify occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, or disseminating data.
Career Name Name of the career.
Cluster Careers clusters group similar careers together. All of the possible clusters are:
  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  2. Architecture and Construction
  3. Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication
  4. Business Management and Administration
  5. Education and Training
  6. Finance
  7. Government and Public Administration
  8. Health Science
  9. Hospitality and Tourism
  10. Human Services
  11. Information Technology
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  13. Manufacturing
  14. Marketing
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  16. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Number of Years of Education Average years of education held by individuals in the job.
Bright Outlook Career? Bright Outlook Occupations careers have been identified by O*NET as careers expected to grow and/or emerge in the next few years and offer large numbers of new job openings.
Median Lexile Measure The median Lexile measure of career materials measured.
Lexile Lower Measure The lower bound Lexile measure of the middle 50% of materials.
Lexile Upper Measure The upper bound Lexile measure of the middle 50% of materials.
Highest Math Course Required The most advanced course required for holding this career.
Median Quantile Measure The median Quantile measure of career materials measured.
Quantile Lower Quartile The lower bound Quantile measure of the middle 50% of materials.
Quantile Upper Quartile The upper bound Quantile measure of the middle 50% of materials.