Get Quantile Student Data Plot


This will generate a base64 encoded image that shows the projected growth curve for the given Quantile measurement(s).


You can pass multiple user_scores objects. If:
  • 3 of fewer measures are given, the graph produced will show the decile curve closest to the given points.
  • 4 or more measures are given, an attempt will be made to produce a custom curve to fit the provided scores. If a valid curve is found it will be returned, otherwise the closest decile curve will be used.

Parameter Type Description


An object that contains the data required to plot a single user measurement. This object must contain:
  • grade: An integer between 3-11

  • date: A string representing date of measurement (mm-dd-YYYY)

  • score: An integer of the Lexile or Quantile measurement

  • school_year_start_date: A string representing school year start (mm-yy)


The Quantile graph will be returned with 2 of the codes in this table. The first number (1, 2 or 6) will represent how many scores were given and how the graph was plotted and the 2nd number (3, 4, and 5) will represent the target information.

Code Description
1 Closest decile: Fewer than 4 scores were given so the closest decile was selected
2 Outlier: More than 4 scores were given, but outlier caused the closest decile to be selected
3 Below Target: The growth trajectory is below the aspirational target
4 Within target: The growth trajectory is within the aspirational target
5 Above target: The growth trajectory is above the selected target
6 Custom Plot:4 or more scores were given and a custom growth trajectory was fitted


This example shows how to plot a single Quantile measure.

import base64
import json
import requests

body = {
    "scale": "quantile",
    "measures": [
            "grade": 7,
            "measure": 1000,
            "schoolYearStart": {
                "month": 8,
                "year": 2017,
            "testDate": {
                "month": 5,
                "year": 2018,
    "additionalOptions": [

response =
        "accept": "application/json; version=1.0",
        "content-type":"application/json; version=1.0",

output = json.loads(response.text)

file = open("single_quantile_measure.png", "wb")
Single Quantile measure plotted on graph