Additional Features

Can MetaMetrics assess intonation through oral reading?

MetaMetrics is currently researching how to incorporate supplemental measures of intonation and timing into the Lexile oral reading measure.

Can MetaMetrics provide a running record as part of the oral reading metrics?

MetaMetrics does not provide a running record as part of the oral reading metrics. We have not yet found ASR software to provide valid running record results. We are keeping an eye on this, and if we find a suitable ASR provider, we will look into providing a running record with the oral reading results.

What oral reading feedback is provided?

When MM receives audio files from a partner, additional feedback on student performances may be provided based on an analysis of the student reading performances. This feature is available only via the solution utilizing our ASR partner, Carnegie.

The additional feedback comes in the form of glow and grow statements based on an analysis of the student’s oral reading performance.
  • Glow statements identify areas of strength.
  • Grow statements identify areas where the student should practice to improve.

Areas addressed by the glow and grow statements include reading speed, hesitations, intonation, and pronunciation. A few examples are shown below.

Glow statements:
  • Great job reading at a nice pace.
  • Good job noticing the ends of sentences and reading smoothly and clearly.
  • Good job reading sight words quickly and accurately.
Grow statements:
  • We noticed that you seemed to skip over some short and common words. It's important to make sure you look at each word and read it aloud.
  • We noticed you are reading very quickly; next time try to slow down.
  • We noticed you often pause while reading. Try re-reading the same book so the hard words won't trip you up and you can practice reading more fluently.