Interpretation and Use

What are grade-level norms for students?

Because of the decision to anchor the Lexile oral reading measure to the existing Lexile scale, the Lexile silent reading norms can be used as an estimate of norms (i.e., preliminary/pseudo norms) for oral reading ability until MetaMetrics has gathered enough data from students receiving Lexile oral reading measures to develop Lexile oral reading user norms. Although individuals may vary with respect to whether their Lexile oral reading measure is higher or lower than the Lexile (silent) reading norms, MM has found that the means, standard deviations, and percentiles at the population level are generally consistent between silent reading and oral reading. Therefore, person ability norms can be estimated from Lexile (silent) reading norms by grade (MetaMetrics, 2020).

Grade Middle-of-Year Percentile
5th 25th 50th 75th 90th
1 BR320L BR120L 85L 290L 505L
2 BR10L 170L 355L 545L 735L
3 250L 415L 590L 760L 935L
4 485L 635L 790L 950L 1110L
5 625L 770L 925L 1075L 1235L
6 705L 855L 1010L 1160L 1320L
7 775L 925L 1080L 1230L 1390L
8 835L 985L 1140L 1295L 1455L
9 890L 1040L 1195L 1345L 1505L
10 935L 1195L 1240L 1395L 1555L
11 & 12 975L 1130L 1285L 1440L 1600L

What is the “match” between a student’s oral reading and a passage’s oral readability measure?

MetaMetrics is researching the optimal match for effective oral reading practice. However, remember that a key goal for students is to read grade-level text fluently. With this in mind, have students practice reading texts with oral readability measures that fall within their grade's typical oral readability ranges (see How are WCPM and accuracy scores calculated in the OR API?). A student reading grade-level passages fluently can be further challenged by reading passages at steadily increasing Lexile oral readability measures.

Can a student’s oral reading measure be used to match them to books that have silent reading Lexile text measures?

No. Matching students using measures from different frameworks is not recommended. Matching readers and texts should only be done within the same framework. Use the Lexile reading measure (silent reading comprehension measure) to match students with a text using its Lexile text measure. However, because the Lexile frameworks were all designed to report measures on the Lexile scale, comparing student results across them is appropriate. For example, suppose a student’s Lexile oral reading measure is substantially lower than their Lexile reading measure. In that case, the student should focus on oral reading practice to build reading accuracy and speed. If, on the other hand, a student’s oral reading measure is much higher than their Lexile reading measure, it could indicate that the student has proficiency in decoding and word recognition but doesn’t understand the meaning of the words and passage. This student would benefit from vocabulary-building activities and comprehension instruction.

Is there a Lexile Oral Reading Framework for Spanish?

There is not yet an Oral Reading Framework for Spanish. Developing a Spanish oral reading framework may be a future research program; we will update the FAQ when we have results to share.