Reporting Scoring Service Measures

The Scoring Service API uses the Lexile® and Quantile® frameworks to calculate student measures (called ability in the API response).

For detailed information about each framework represented in the Scoring Service API see:

The calls in the Scoring Service API return a measure and uncertainty. If the measures are being used for research or institutional purposes, they can be used as reported. Measures provided by the standard calls can also be used when making Bayesian calls.

If the measures are used for reporting to teachers, parents, and students then proper branding needs to be applied. To do this:
  1. Round the measure to the nearest 5th integer. For example if
    • A measure is 572 it should be rounded to 570.
    • A measure is 577 it should be rounded to 575.
  2. Add L (for Lexile) or Q (for Quantile) to the end of the measure. For example: 575Q
  3. If a measure starts with - (negative sign) replace the negative sign with
    • BR (for Lexile or El Sistema reading). BR stands for Beginning Reader.
    • EM (for Quantile). EM stands for Emerging Mathematician.
    For example BR100L
  4. MetaMetrics may provide additional rules for some Assessment Products. Please check with the person assigned to your program if the following rules should be applied:
    1. Minimum and maximum reported scores, referred to as scale caps. For information about capping percentiles by grade see:
    2. Measure ranges:
      1. The lower Lexile range is -100L
      2. The upper Lexile range is +50L
      3. The lower Quantile range is -50Q
      4. The upper Quantile range is +50Q
      5. Example. If the result returned from the service for a Lexile measure is 843, then the reported measure is 845L, and the range is 745L - 895L
      6. The highest and lowest observed reported scores apply to ranges as well. Reported scores should not exceed these values.
        Note: For example: The result returned from the service for a Lexile measure is 1472 for a student in grade 6. The reported measure is 1470L, and the lower range is 1370L, but the upper range is bounded by the scale cap of 1500L.