Scoring Service REST API FAQ

The process of scoring student assessments and reporting results has evolved greatly over the years. From teachers sitting with paper-based answer sheets to bubble-sheets fed through a machine that produces a percent correct, technology has helped to enhance the process of scoring tests. While percent correct on an assessment can be valuable, many assessments benefit from reporting an estimate of the underlying student ability in an educational construct. These ability estimates provide indicators of status and can be used to monitor growth over time.

What is the MetaMetrics Scoring Service REST API and how is it used?

The MetaMetrics Scoring Service REST API has been designed to simplify assigning an ability estimate to a test-taker. As students take assessments, test results can be sent to the Scoring Service API, providing real-time estimates of student ability.

Do I need to install or manage any Scoring Service REST API software?

MetaMetrics provides highly available and scalable services using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in geographically-diverse data centers. The Scoring Service API is a MetaMetrics-managed web service. Clients using the service are not required to install or manage anything.

How do I report Scoring Service REST API measures?

The calls in the Scoring Service API return a measure and uncertainty. If the measures are being used for research or institutional purposes, they can be used as reported. Measures provided by the standard calls can also be used when making Bayesian calls. If the measures are used for reporting to teachers, parents, and students, then proper branding needs to be applied. See Reporting Scoring Service Measures for specific information on reporting measures.

What kind of performance can I expect from the Scoring Service REST API?

See Service Level Agreement for Scoring Service API for performance commitments, problem reporting and escalation, maintenance information, and more.