Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator FAQ

Do I need to modify my text before using the Lexile® Text Analyzer Content Creator?

Our editing guidelines must be followed for the best estimate of text complexity. These guidelines can be accessed here.

What languages can I receive Lexile measures for?

The Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator currently supports English and Spanish content. For Spanish, the Lexile Text Analyzer uses the El Sistema Lexile para Leer, the Spanish-language version of the Lexile Framework for Reading, to measure Spanish-language text submissions. See El Sistema Lexile para Leer: The Spanish Lexile Framework for Reading for more information.

Are there any word count limitations for the Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator?

All licensed versions of the Lexile Text Analyzer Content impose no word limitations.

What happens when usage runs out?

Your organization will need to add more usage. Please reach out to our Director of Sales here to add more usage.