Instant Certification

Instant Certification is an optional feature that may be enabled for your organization. With the instant certification feature, content that has been finalized when the Lexile® Text Analyzer Content Creator can be instantly certified, bypassing the need to submit the content to Metametrics for verification.

Before certification, content should be carefully checked for adherence to our editing guidelines. Once a document has been certified, the Lexile measure and other Lexile-related information can be utilized by your organization as if it had been certified by Metametrics’ Content Measurement service.

Organization administrators can only perform instant certifications within your organization. Multiple documents can be selected from the Content Creator dashboard, and the organizational administrator can select Certify to proceed with certification. When certifying, credits will be deducted from your account.

Instant certifications can also be performed from within a given document. While viewing a document, select to proceed with the certification process.

Click here for more information about Certified Measures.

When is displayed, it means that the document is already certified.