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Learn about the Lexile (Reading, Listening and Oral Reading) and Quantile Frameworks.
Get the most out of implementing measures.
Everything you need to know about getting support from MetaMetrics.
Retrieve student Lexile and Quantile measures and forecast performance on an upcoming assessment.
Use our products, tools, services and APIs to get the measurements you need.
Learn how to prepare text and use your analyzer to get Lexile text measures.
Identify a career’s reading and math demands in Lexile and Quantile metrics for goal setting and career preparedness.
Discover words across grade levels and subject areas that students will encounter in classroom reading.
An online platform that provides easy access to more than a dozen reading and math tools.
Get research-driven information to direct users to appropriate resources for learning a skill or concept.
Account Management information for the MetaMetrics Partner Portal.
Learn how to prepare text and use your analyzer to get Lexile text measures for your organization.
Submit audio and text content for Lexile content certification.
Simplify the process of assigning an ability estimate to a test-taker; this is the new API as of December 2020.
Use a single call to submit text for analysis.
Access more than 470,000 hardcover, e-books, paperback, trade and other titles.
Forecast an individual student or group performance on an upcoming assessment.
Plot a student's projected growth using Lexile or Quantile measures.
Measures a student's oral reading ability and the oral readability of text on the same scale.
Place both students and listening resources on the same developmental scale.
Create and access vocabulary lists for over thousands of titles with the Titles Database.
Contact Partner Support with a specific question.
If you work for an education company, publisher, government or have press inquiries.