Sequence Viewer Tab

The Quantile Sequencing Service report includes a Sequence Viewer tab. The Sequence Viewer tab leverages the sequence data to display a sequence for a specific piece of content by Content ID.

Figure 1. Excerpt of the Math Content Sequence Key Report
The Sequence Viewer tab contains three sections:
  1. The Math Content ID entry section.
  2. The Math Content sequence information.
  3. The Supporting Math Content list.
Math Content ID Entry: This is the only editable part of the spreadsheet. To look up a Sequence for a piece of content, follow these steps:
  1. Enter the Content ID number of a resource in cell B3.
  2. View the math content sequence information in rows 5-9.
  3. View the Supporting Math Content for the entered Content ID.
    Note: In some cases, the content will be aligned to multiple sequences. See example 2 for further explanation.
Math Content Sequence information: Information specific to the calibration of the math content is provided in rows 5-9. This includes:
  • The ID number of the sequence to which the math content is aligned.
  • The specific level of the sequence to which the math content is aligned.
  • The intended grade audience for the math content.
  • The title of the math content.
  • The minimum Quantile measure at which a student would be considered “ready to learn” the math content.
Supporting Math Content: The list of suggested supporting math content includes:
  • A Quantile Measure range indicating the Quantile measures of students indicating readiness for instruction.
  • The title of the lesson (math content).
  • An indicator as to whether the resource (1) focuses on the prerequisite content or includes content, or (2) relates to the prerequisite concept, in addition to other content.
  • The grade for which the math content was intended.
  • The Math Content ID number.

Example 1: Math Content That Is Aligned To A Single Sequence: The figure above shows the sequence viewer with Content ID 50 entered. This content is aligned to a single sequence with Sequence ID 102, which corresponds to a specific Quantile sequence. It appears at Sequence Level 1, which indicates that the math content appears at the top of the sequence, and all other math content within the sequence is considered a prerequisite to the math content. The Quantile measure for this sequence is 40Q, which indicates that a student will be ready for instruction on this material if their Quantile measure is at least 40Q.

Example 2: Math Content That Is Aligned To Multiple Sequences: In some cases, the Math Content is best aligned to more than one sequence. This might happen when a lesson combines different math concepts in a thematic or contextual lesson. When a Content ID for a lesson aligned to multiple sequences is entered in cell B3, the message “Math Content has multiple sequences'' is displayed. Multiple instances of the Math Content Sequence information and the Supporting Math Content are populated with data. The additional instances can be viewed by scrolling to the right on the “Viewer” page of the spreadsheet. The second instance information is included in columns J through R, and the third instance (used in rare cases) is included in columns S through AA.

Figure 2. Shows the Quantile Sequence Viewer with Math Content ID 208 entered

The figure above shows a lesson aligned to multiple sequences. Scrolling to the right in this example reveals the additional content.

Figure 3. Shows the Quantile Sequence Viewer

To see more detailed information about math content organized into the Quantile sequences, use the Sequences tab.