Math Content Sequence Key Tab

The Math Content Sequence Key tab displays the math content ordered by Math Content ID.

  • The Math Content ID indicates the unique ID assigned to a partner’s math content.
  • The Title column indicates the title of the partner’s math content.
  • The Sequence ID column indicates the sequence(s) to which the math content is best aligned.
  • The Sequence Level column indicates the position of the math content within a sequence.
  • The Sequence Info column indicates when math content is best aligned to multiple sequences.
Figure 1. Excerpt of the Math Content Sequence Key Report

For example, in row 3, the Math Content ID 19, Decomposing numbers less than 20, best aligns to Quantile sequence 104 at level 1. A level 1 designation indicates that the math content appears at the top of the sequence, and all other math content within the sequence are considered a prerequisite to the math content. To see the complete sequence for a piece of content, input the Content ID into the Sequence Viewer tab.

In row 12, the Math Content ID 28, Comparing Lengths, best aligns to Quantile sequence 502 at level 3. A level designation greater than 1 indicates that the other math content within the sequence can be considered either a prerequisite or extension of the related content.