If you provide literacy based digital programs, content, or activities, the Lexile PowerV API will bring scientific rigor to the process of quickly identifying challenging vocabulary words from specific texts. With the PowerV API, you can easily send electronic text or a published book’s ISBN along with additional selected parameters from your system to MetaMetrics® where the request is immediately interpreted. Within seconds you will receive, direct to your system, a string of vocabulary words that are of a challenging level, relevant to the text, and of consequence for later reading experiences.

By default, it will return a source-targeted list of 10 vocabulary words based on the Lexile measure of the text. Words are selected based on three criteria: challenge level, relevance to the passage, and consequence for later reading experiences. The challenge criteria can be based on either the text complexity (e.g., words that will be hard given this text) or reader ability (e.g., words that will be hard for a particular reader).

The list of returned words is always sorted by the composite score which is a combination of different PowerV word selection criteria including the degree to which the word is related to the text, the size of the word’s morphological family, and the extent to which the word appears on existing lists of academic words.